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Unity Through Conformity

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Bidens calls for unity ring hollow.

[This post is under construction as events unfold.]

President Joseph R. Biden's Inaugural Address. Courtesy
President Joseph R. Biden's Inaugural Address. Courtesy

The inauguration of President Joe Bident and Vice-President Kamala Harris was a beautiful affair.

The Capitol was stunning and solemnly festive. One would never know that just two weeks earlier its walls had breached by insurrectionists for only the second time in over 200 years.

Dignified guests, soaring prayers, patriotic and heartfelt music, and all the pageantry that is appropriate to commemorate the wonderful miracle of the peaceful transfer of power within the world's greatest nation. And then there was Amanda Gorman, the stunningly beautiful, poised poet - full of life and hope - whose words contained wisdom far beyond her twenty-two years.

Perhaps of greatest relief, we left behind the turbulent, childish, self-absorbed, often nonsensical personage of Donald J. Trump. Instead, we experienced a return to the normal and predictable.

The newly sworn-in President Biden's inaugural address gave us the long-absent, yet familiar and comforting oratory typically spoken by both parties. Accordingly, social media immediately filled with clasped-handed sighs-of-relief and sentiments of gratitude, hope, and this-is-just-what-we-need.

Yes, we have experienced a return to the politics we are all familiar with - where our representatives say one thing, yet do another.

Unity was the central theme of Biden's speech. Bringing America together. Working as one body to right wrongs. Seeing each other not as adversaries, but as neighbors. And yet, in his first acts as President, moments after speaking of togetherness, Mr. Biden's pen acted as a sword to further deepen the divide in our nation. Let us count the ways:

  • The President signed an executive order dissolving the 1776 Commission, claiming that it "sought to erase America's history of racial injustice." It did no such thing. Biden's presidency begins with a terrible lie and cements his administration's intention to further the far-left agenda of replacing the promise of America's founding with a dark, twisted version embodied in the disgraceful 1619 Project. Of course America was founded during the era of white supremacy and racism - these were omnipresent in the west at the time. But that is not what set America apart. America's ideals were a promise to future generations of possibilities not yet present. And then Americans set about doing the hard work of making potential a reality, by fighting bitterly with themselves to correct centuries of inequality.

  • Similarly, Biden revoked Trump's executive order banning diversity and inclusion training, calling such training "important and needed", seeking to "restore and reinvigorate the federal government's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility." While anti-discrimination morality and legislation are important and necessary, these trainings seek the opposite and are based, once again, in the same worldview underlying the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, Wokeism, etc. - perspectives that are anti-scientific, anti-reason, quasi-religious, and destined to plunge us back into the dark ages of racial animus as we saw during the seven months of riots in 2020.

  • Biden, during his campaign, his inaugural address, and in his first days in office frequently mentioned and is now set to fight systemic racism. The problem is that systemic racism is a myth and "fighting" it will only serve to divide and create racial tensions.

This trifecta of error is based on a single failure to see the enormous improvements in race relations in America and the failure to perceive the role of governmental attempts to address income inequality in furthering inequality and decay of character.

Social media is filled with claims that we have "done nothing" and that we need to "start" addressing racism. These admonitions reveal an ignorance of history and blindness to the very real progress America has made. The Civil War and the Civil Rights Movements were hard-won victories and we insult the sacrifices of those who made them possible when we dismiss them.

Those who demand further government action also ignore the more than $23 trillion spent by the federal government during the past 55 years to fight poverty, particularly among minorities. They also ignore that those efforts have not only been a failure, it has been a catastrophe, according to one Forbes author. The U.S. poverty rate was declining until the U.S. government got involved. Biden's actions will only exacerbate existing problems and introduce animus and division where none exists.

But Biden doesn't stop there. Other executive orders further demonstrate his kowtowing to the far-left and dismissal of science, reason, and the genuine concerns of his fellow citizens on the right.

  • Biden signed an executive order aiming to "prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation", expanding so-called "human rights." In reality, the order defies biology, legislates discrimination, and destroys long-standing protections for women and girls. Children's access to restrooms, locker rooms, school sports,

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